Working Together – How We Work Among Ourselves

We are a small team, which means that we all know each other.

We have all worked in conventional air-conditioned high-rise offices, but most of us have now chosen leaner, more environmentally friendly accommodation. Using Skype the whole team meets every Monday, and most of us meet face to face once a month using video conferencing to include those further away.

At our meetings we don’t just talk shop and social events. We share information, references and ideas about the state of the world and where it could be heading. Of course we can’t fix the Middle East or global climate change, but we do have a social conscience and we work for ethical and sustainable outcomes. Frequent, wide debate keeps us fresh and gives us a foundation for asking the important questions as the world changes around us.

Although each member of the team has a different background and experience, and brings along a separate point of view, we are bound by our common interests in the future and in operating with integrity and professionalism to deliver value as we work towards it.