Howard Moore

My skill is in business analysis: understanding what a business does, how it does it, and where it is constrained.

When we fully appreciate the constraints I can help you either remove them, manage them or work around them.

I trained as an engineer and after 10 years in process improvement, I spent 10 years in commercial banking, followed by 20 years in economic development.

The businesses I have worked with range from tourism to teaching, and farming to forestry.

Over the years I have successfully negotiated with Maori, property developers and Treasury officials.

I have a working knowledge of commercial and company law, accounts and offer documents, charitable trusts and the differences between governance and management.

If you need an outside view of what you are doing and where you want to go, I’m happy to talk.

Experience has shown me that every now and then, we can find a brilliant solution to a difficult problem.

Phone: 04-938 80 60
Mobile: 027-481 54 54