What Drives Us (a Manifesto of Sorts)

The Virtual Consulting Group comprises a number of individuals with a variety of backgrounds and skills, all of whom have spent many years working with a wide range of businesses and organisations.

From those experiences each of us has, over time, arrived at some views about how the world works. This creates diversity in our professional methodologies and our thinking, which we value and encourage.

At the same time, we have found that we have evolved some more or less similar basic ideas and core values. This has led us to create a collaborative structure to share experiences, exchange ideas, and work together when appropriate.

Our organisation model is a quiz team, not a corporation.

Our common understandings:

Individuals matter

We are all – ourselves, our organisations, and society as a whole – better off when we develop the competence, capability and empathy of all people at all levels.

Greed is Destructive

Amassing wealth and resources into the hands of a small minority leads to instability of communities, societies, economies and nations.

We are Stewards for the Future

We aim to leave a world for our grandchildren that is better than the one we inherited. Consequently we measure the worth of people and organisations by what they leave behind, not by what they use up. Organisations can choose to understand and use social and physical resources in ways that protect and enhance, rather than ways that consume and destroy.

These understandings influence our choice of clients, and the ways in which we deliver solutions to help those clients reach their goals.