Kris Coppieters

Recognised internationally for his print-industry innovations, Kris Coppieters is an accomplished software-engineer and coach.

When he’s not overseeing his global software development company, Rorohiko Workflow Resources, he’s helping companies to design/develop innovative software solutions.

His forte is designing simple, stable, maintainable, and flexible solutions for complex problems.

A natural ‘polymath’ – with a wide and varied skill-set – his pragmatic approach allows him to achieve realistic, results-focused outcomes. This includes helping companies kick-start their automation projects and software-developer team-building, resulting in project time-savings while still maintaining a disciplined approach.

Kris also possesses great people management skills – combined with his vast technical expertise, he excels at coaching and stimulating other developers. His skills as a teacher enable him to easily explain complex matters in plain language.