John Pettigrew BA (Hons) VUW

I have spent about 35 years advising, mentoring, and financing a large number of innovative, start-up, and export businesses. This has involved helping them develop business plans, clarify their strategies, and deal with the inevitable hurdles. I have provided equity, debt, and technology financing, and have worked in both the public and private sectors. I have represented the minority shareholder on the Boards of several companies. I have evaluated the business plans and financial results of (I estimate) something like a thousand businesses.

I have alternated between salaried employment and self-employment, so I know the tradeoffs both ways.

I have developed and delivered adult education courses; have programmed user-friendly productivity tools; and have produced writing, film, and audio-visuals.

I have a particular interest in decision processes appropriate for an increasingly volatile, uncertain, and argumentative world. This demands a ‘systems’ perspective and an understanding of problem structuring, collaborative sense-making, and visual communication.

I analyse, integrate, simplify, and clarify.

John’s qualifications and work history

Phone: 04-236 66 24
Mobile: 021-609 752
Skype: johnpettigrewnz