Working Together – How We Work With You

Our key concern is to find what is best for you. We are a small team, we are flexible, we have wide experience; and we listen.

We are great believers in digging down to find the root of a problem if it’s not immediately obvious. If necessary, we will challenge your assumptions and your well-established ways of doing business. Once we know you we may be brutally frank, if that’s appropriate. And we would expect no less in return.

While we might challenge you, we won’t ask you to turn your operations on their head. If you believe changes are necessary and you decide to make them, we can help you implement them.

We have used on-line collaboration amongst ourselves for many years, in order to keep our communications efficient. That may work for you too.

The job we do has a beginning, a middle and an end. We don’t see a contract as a way of lining up more work.

We will charge what the job is worth. Our overheads are modest and our style aims at smart, agile and collegial, not large and expensive.

In our spare time we like to share and explore ideas. Now and then we hold an afternoon seminar / debate, attended by clients and others, where we introduce ideas that might stretch our collective thinking. If you would like to be included, by all means contact us.