Allan Frazer B.Ag Sc. B.C.A. ISBP (Harvard)

With a 45+ year career in agribusiness, Allan Frazer brings with him an unmatched background in senior management and board-governance for some of New Zealand’s agri-icons.

His experience spans R&D, marketing, leadership, and human capability development, and includes extensive senior management and board experience, locally and internationally, including: European Director, Meat & Wool New Zealand; Chairman of Meatmark Ltd; Deputy Chairman of MIRINZ; director of Beef and Lamb New Zealand; and a director of the NZ Wool Classers Association.

As a consultant, Allan’s recent assignments have covered areas such as biotechnology, governance, and general agribusiness support.

This includes work with companies, trusts, incorporations, and development of Maori-owned land.

A particular passion of Allan’s is working with organisations to bring about collaboration and shared outcomes.

E-mail: [email protected]