Bruce Holland

Mr Change! One of New Zealand’s most experienced change managers, Bruce Holland helps large ‘mature’ organisations become focused, responsive, and flexible.

A co-founder of Virtual Group Business, New Zealand’s first ‘virtual’ consultancy, he has worked with many of the largest organisations in both the public and private sectors.

Bruce is a specialist in crafting and implementing business strategy, creating positive business cultures, and leadership development. He breaks down silos, opens communication channels, reinvigorates ineffective processes, and motivates under-performing managers and staff. Bruce’s passion is liberating the human spirit at work, creating and managing positive organisational change.

Bruce is a qualified accountant with a commerce degree – his early career was in senior finance roles. Importantly, he also has a background in senior management roles at the highest level – he knows the challenges that senior managers face and how to create positive strategic change.

E-mail: [email protected]
Phone: 04-570 07 27
Fax: 04-570 04 27
Mobile: 021-620 456
Skype: Bruce.Holland
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