Customer Service


Do your people lack the skills, knowledge, attitute and tools to provide superior service? Do you have too much customer churn? Are you getting too many customer complaints? Does your service fall through the cracks because your people are working in silos? Is your organization too difficult to do business with? Is your customer service too slow?


Poor customer service is usually a symptom of poor attitudes, lack of knowledge and skills or lack of tools.

Virtual Group has a proven process to improve customer service throughout the organization. We call it “Customer Intimacy.”The aim is to help your people know their customers’ business better than the customer knows it.

The Customer Intimacy Program includes a number of carefully selected half-day workshops based on our Cracking Great Leaders Program and is designed to put the customer at the centre of your organization. The aim is to make them more customer-focused, collaborative, connected and collaborative.

The half-day workshops are usually delivered about two weeks apart. This allows time for participants to use the lessons in their own workplace and for the results to be cemented in over 3 months. 

Readings and exercises in between the fortnightly workshops help to extend the benefits and allows the workshops to be highly interactive and targeted at your customers. And it all happens in your workplace, on your problems; a formula that’s proven to give the best learning results.

The modular design allows for a great deal of flexibility meaning modules can be added or deleted depending on your needs as assessed during the diagnostics stage. Also sometimes clients start with a full-day workshop followed by half-days as shown in the chart below:

Changing behaviours takes time, this is why the benefits from a one-day or even two-day program soon dissipate, whereas this program produces lasting results without killing the budget or taking customer service people away from their customers for too long. What you end up with is 3 months learning for 3 days cost!

See examples of the half-day workshops.

See a case study.

Bruce Holland is our expert in this Customer Service Process and has worked with many large private and public sector organizations to achieve the benefits listed above.