Skills and Competencies

OK, here’s the problem. All of us have been around for many years, even decades. In that time each of us has accumulated a significant portfolio of skills and competencies.

Just to be clear, let’s take a moment to note the difference between skills and competencies. One of our number (John) has developed innumerable spreadsheets. This is a skill. He can navigate the terrain.

At one time John developed a kit for setting up an IP licensing agreement. Now, he wouldn’t create a licencing agreement for you, but he might outline what you could think about before talking to a patent attorney. That’s a competence. He can give you a broad view of the terrain and what you could expect.

All of us at Virtual have this mixture of skills and competencies. We have tried to document these in a ginormous spreadsheet, but that got ridiculous very fast. So:

There are some services we leave to others. We won’t try to define them here, but we will either not bid on your job, or tell you straight up if you ask us to bid.

We are a mixture of big-picture generalists, results-oriented managers, and human-centred facilitators. Our individual histories and summary profiles will give you an idea.

Broadly, we work with the big-picture issues faced by organisations. We help them work effectively as social groups and when they are facing long-term or big-commitment issues.