Empowerment Process

Everyone wants to feel important, yet many organisations manage to make their people feel quite the opposite.

This is not just my view, research over the last 25 years has shown that 80% of workers feel they are not using their strengths on a daily basis (reported in “The 7 Hidden Reasons Employees Leave”. In his comprehensive review of research, Jeffrey Pfeffer concluded that organisations with enthusiastic employees are 30 to 40 percent more productive. This research involved more than 2,500,000 employees in 237 companies, quoted in ‘The Enthusiastic Employee’ by David Sirota.


Do your people lack passion for their work? Are they disengaged? Do your people feel too controlled and unable to make sensible decisions? Are decisions made too slowly? Suffering from inappropriate behaviour? Poor morale? Do people hoard information? Is there too much red-tape? Poor teamwork? Is there too much finger-pointing and lack of accountability? Do you wish everyone worked as hard as you do? And with the same passion? Are they working in silos and pulling in different directions? Are they fighting for recognition and resources? Do they lose focus on their customers? Is your culture an issue? Are your managers overworked with insufficient time?


All these issues are symptoms of too much top-down control by managers and lack of empowerment. People who should be making sensible decisions when they are needed are waiting too long for managers to clear their in-trys.

Our Cracking Great Leaders Program helps managers shift focus from managing work to managing the workplace. It gives frontline people tools to increase their confidence and become more involved in sensible decision making and process improvement.

It uncovers the Genius Factor within each person and puts it to work for the benefit of the organisation.

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Bruce Holland is our expert in this Strategy Process and has worked with many large private and public sector organizations to achieve the benefits listed above.